The Best Chalk Buckets: Huge Chalk Bags for Boulderers

You may have noticed those huge chalk buckets, sometimes called “chalk pots”, that people in the bouldering section at the gym use. Instead of a small chalk bag that you can strap to your back, these chalk bags are left on the floor.

What are the benefits of getting a big chalk bucket if you’re not going to be tied in through your harness and climbing long routes?

Less refilling your chalk bag

  • Obviously these chalk bags are huge and they can hold a lot more chalk. You’ll find yourself having to refill less often, and you can often pour the whole bag of chalk into it instead of having to keep re-opening and re-sealing. Boulderers go through a lot of chalk, especially outdoors.
  • Chalking both hands at the same time

  • Although it’s not a huge time saver, it’s a lot more convenient to be able to fit both of your hands in the opening and chalk up all at once instead of each hand at a time. You can also rub your hands together inside the bag so that you aren’t wasting it all over the place like when you have to pull your hands out of those small bags.
  • Not having to pick them up to chalk your hands

  • You know what it’s like to set your chalk bag on the floor or the ground and then having to pick it up to fit into the small single-hand-sized opening. Bouldering chalk pots usually have a stable base so they stand flat on the ground, making it easier to get your hands chalked while leaving the bag in the same place.
  • Less spillage

  • Good bouldering chalk buckets generally have more than just a drawstring at the top, since no matter how tight you tie it, many of them often still spill. You’ll find bouldering chalk buckets that fold over, snap in place, and keep your chalk inside the bag more securely.

  • If you’re just getting into bouldering, or if you’ve been using your own small chalk bag, or using one that belongs to somebody else, you might want to consider picking up one of the best and most popular bouldering chalk buckets out there.

    Mad Rock Chalk Pot

    The Mad Rock Chalk Pot securely seals your chalk with a top that you roll over and then clip. It is easy to carry with the carrying handle that sticks up at the top when the bag is closed. It has a mesh pocket on the front to easily stash and carry small items, and loops to fit brushes as well.

    Metolius Dust Bin

    The Metolius Dust Bin is a very sturdy chalk bucket, and it has more than enough room to store accessories. It has at least 8 loops for brushes or clipping on other items. There are 2 flat side pockets, which fit your cellphone easily. One of the pockets is mesh and the other is covered with a fastener. It holds a lot of chalk, and doesn’t leak once it’s sinched down tight.

    Mammut Bouldering Chalk Bag

    The Mammut Bouldering Chalk Bag has a very stable base, and a unique shape at the opening. The tops folds over and then clips in to the bag, sealing your chalk in securely. It only has one loop for a brush but it also has a mesh side pocket, and a zippered pocket to keep things from falling out.

    FrictionLabs Chalk Bucket

    Made by Organic Climbing, out of recycled material, the FrictionLabs Chalk Bucket series is available in six different color schemes. The colours are vibrant and the material is very high quality and durable. This chalk bucket has a roll-over top that hooks in to keep it closed. It has two brush holders and two nice big outer pockets.

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